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Nardwuar: Who are you?
Jack White: I'm Jack White.

And you are?
Meg White: Meg White.

And you are the...
J: The White Stripes

And where are The White Stripes from Jack?
J: From Detroit, Michigan.

And I thought Jack I'd make you feel at home here in Vancouver... LOOK what we have for you! (Nardwuar unveals a giant Bob Seger poster on the wall)
J: OH! Thank god.

Now tell me how cool Seger is. He is a cool guy isn't he, Meg?
M: He is awesome. The first album is amazing.
J: Early Bob Seger System.

A lot of people are dissing the Seger. But he's down with it isn't he?
J: They need to get back to the Bob Seger System. You have to find the Bob Seger System Band.

'Get down on your knees,' like the Swingin' Neckbreakers cover, do you know that one?
J: '2+2 Is On My Mind' is my favourite song.

By the Underdogs or one of those bands.
J: Yeah, yeah.

From Detroit. The history of Detroit. You're not ashamed to say you like Bob Seger are you Meg?
M: No, not at all.

So have you guys had any good milkshakes?
J: Hmmm, a couple day ago I had a really good one. Yup.

Now what's the thing about milkshakes and The White Stripes, Meg?
M: Well, it goes back a long way. We just like the milkshakes. The malts, really.
J: She likes The Milkshakes, Billy Childish's band. I like actual chocolate malts.

You like judging each town by their milkshakes don't you there Jack?
J: It kinda gets like that. Yeah.

So how have the milkshakes been on this tour?
J: They've been pretty good. I haven't had one in Vancouver yet though, so we'll see.

Now speaking of Milkshakes and Billy Childish, how the hell is he?
J: He's doing quite well. I talked to him on the phone when I was in Paris last time. Um, I think he's got it together.

And you guys were going to have him play behind you at the Top Of The Pops or something?
M: He was going to be doing a painting of us while we were playing.

And then they shot him down?
J: Yeah, they wouldn't allow that, no. So I just wrote his name on my arm instead.

Now Jack, that's much like how Courtney Love writes "Bitch" on her arm right?
J: I'm not familiar with who you're talking about.

You know what I mean though, right? Oh yes, I'm sure you ran into her the other night in L.A! I'm sure, we'll get into that later Jack White. But I was curious, Billy Childish in Europe. He's not revered too well is he? In Britain I heard he did a gig and the Von Bondies opened and the Von Bondies cancelled and then everybody left?
J: Yeah, I heard about that. That was a weird thing. I don't know what happened with that. He had, um, he likes to use his own gear and everyone who plays with him has to use that or something. And they couldn't do that or something like that.

But it really sucks. All the people left. The Von Bondies cancel and nobody sticks around for Billy in his own town!
M: I know.
J: He's really talented but he's quite popularly known as a bridge-burner. He doesn't have tolerance for a lot of things. That's the beauty of him though.

What was it like recording at Toe Rag Studios in England?
M: It was amazing.
J: It was excellent, yeah.

Did they have the same board that, like, The Beatles used?
J: Yeah, they did have a four-track there that might have been used on 'Tomorrow Never Knows,' for backwards loops and things like that.

And that's for your new album?
M: Yes indeed.

What impressed you about the studio Meg?
M: Nothing in it is past 1965.

Really. Are they totally anal about that? Do they have like 1966 quarters in their pockets and stuff like that too?
J: Yeah, yeah, exactly. All the napkins that are used are from the '60s. It was just a nice collection of old microphones and staying away from digital equipment. And things like that.

Did you get a chance to hang with John Peel this time?
M: No we didn't see him this time.

But you have seen him quite a few times. I saw you having lunch with him on the Internet!
J: Oh yeah. We're good friends.

An internet lunch!
J: (laughs)

Now has he told you any cool stories at all? I mean, c'mon, he's met everybody. There must be some little tidbit of information he gave you that must have made you really excited.
J: He was telling me about Gene Vincent a bunch and explaining working with Gene Vincent. But he did give me, as a present, he gave me the Sex Pistols 'Anarchy In The U.K.', the promo version of it . That was a really nice present to give me.

On A&M records?
J: Yep

No way! Not the $5,000 A&M Records one.
J: Wait a minute. You're thinking of' God Save The Queen' on A&M. This is 'Anarchy In The U.K.' So this is on EMI.

Thank you for setting me straight with my Sex...
J: Pistols.

And you are Jack...
J: (laughs) Have you seen anybody about your psychological...
M: (giggles)
J: ...problems (laughs)

And you are Jack White. And you are Meg?
M: Yes I am.

And you are Meg?
J: I'm not Meg.

And you are Jack?
M: Not today.

No you're not. But you work off each other. You could be each other because you guys seem to have such great communication on stage. The other night on the MTV Movie Awards you were so separated. What's it like when you're so separated. Usually you're so close together and I love the way you're so close on stage. It's awesome.
M: It was a little strange, a little strange. I had to peer over the symbols and try to find him down there. But it was alright.

Nobody else has that set-up do they Jack?
J: (laughs) No they don't.

And you know what's also great about The White Stripes is you guys also cover a Dylan song from 1997. From 1997! That's like covering the Steel Wheels 'Mixed Emotion' Rolling Stones thingie.
J: He's still got it. He's still got it. He still tells it like it is.

That's so amazing. Like Dylan from '97.
M: Of course.

Now speaking of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Well, not speaking, but let's bring Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada into this. Did you know there Meg White of The White Stripes that Loretta Lynn signed her first record deal in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada?
M: I did not know that.
J: That makes sense because she was living in Seattle.

She signed to Zero Records!
J: Zero Records. That's the best name for a record label ever.

And you guys like kinda customizing songs. Like you play Tallahassee and then you do-
M: 'Tallahassee Lassie.'

So you're playing in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and the White Stripes will do...
J + M: [laughter]

Do you have any Canadian stuff you could do? How about TV show themes? I mean, you grew up in Detroit. Do you have any, like, Canadian TV show themes? Or favourite Canadian TV shows?
J: What was the Giant?

Mr. Dressup? The Friendly Giant?
M: Ohh! The Friendly Giant.
J: Mr. Dressup's kinda scary but The Friendly Giant was very nice.

As covered by Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet.
J: I didn't know that.

Now in Detroit are there like old Motown guys on the street and stuff? Totally destitute?
M: Not that I've noticed.

I've heard that some guys that have recorded on some important works are totally on the street?
J: Totally on the street. I've heard that as well. I haven't bumped into them though.

What's the Motown museum like?
M: It's very nice. It's in the midst of a really burnt out neighbourhood. You know, it used to be huge old houses which the motor company people lived in and stuff. It's just a nice little establishment, you know?

Worth a visit?
J: I've never been there. I'm not a fan of the Motown production.

I don't like the production of Motown records. Just the sound they're getting. They had some really good songwriting but the production I never was a fan of.

But the Detroit sound. MC5-Stooges. Have any of your parents ever seen MC5 or The Stooges? Did they ever see the MC5 or Stooges?
J: Nobody in Detroit actually ever saw them y'know.
M: No, I...

What about Mitch Ryder. Have you met Mitch Ryder at all?
J: Mitch Ryder, no.

What about Ron Asheton of The Stooges?
J: I met him, yep.

I heard he has a very young girlfriend.
J: I didn't see her. I did meet him though. I didn't see his girlfriend.

What's the importance of Ghetto Blaster Beer? Ghetto Blaster Beer?
M: 'It quenches the thirst.'
J: You've really done your research. That's a brewing company I was hooked up with. They're roommates with the guy who has a studio where we did our first album at. Everyone drinks it while they're there recording.

The Romantics are from Detroit too aren't they?
M: Yes.
J: (laughs) That's true.

And they wore a bit of red too.
J: I think they wore red leather on one of their album covers, yeah.

Have any Romantics ever come to your gigs?
J: Yes.

Really!? You met a Romantic?
J: Yes, we did meet a Romantic.

What was the interaction like?
J: It was romantic.
M: (laughs)

Did you kick out a Romantic cover at all?
J: No, I said that I was a big fan of the band and he goes, "Yeah, so am I" or something. He said something. I think he thought I was joking, I was being a smart-alec. He goes "I'm a big fan of myself." I dunno, he thought I was joking, making fun of him but I wasn't.

Rock stars always do that. I once saw Ringo Starr and yelled "Hey, it's Ringo!" And he went [sarcastically] "That's my name!"
J: (laughs)

Now your name is Jack White and your name is...
M: Meg White.

And you're in The White Stripes and I was looking in this magazine right over here White Stripers (Nardwuar shows them an issue of Fader Magazine with them on the cover) Isn't this like the best picture? I love it.
M: (laughs)

I love it because you look so Misfit-ian Jack!
J: The wind was blowing and blew that hair in there.

But you look like the Misfits, and the Necros coming from Detroit... It's so awesome. I just love that photo. And Jack, if you could open it up, what the hell is going on here Meg? What the hell is going on? What is Jack doing there?
M: (referring to picture of Jack holding a stuffed animal) He's holding his pig.
J: That's Poncheeda.

Now that's not a live pig, that's a taxidermic pig.
J: That's a stuffed pig. You can see the stitching is ripped here and the stuffing is coming out. That's Poncheeda.

Now how many taxidermic items do you have?
M: I only have two. He's got, um, a lot. (laughs)
J: Yeah, I have lots of 'em.

Now what do you have? What are some of your favourites Jack White?
J: I have a zebra. I have two gazelles. I have a tiger.

A zebra?
J: A zebra head, yeah. I have a kudu and a mountain goat and I have lots of things.

And all these are from thrift shops and stuff?
M: Some of them are old. A lot of them are old.

Does anybody bring any gifts of them to your shows?
J: That'd be nice.

That'd be the ultimate gift for The White Stripes.
J: She's not that into it.
M: It creeps me out a little.

Now on this tour right now you've got Whirlwind Heat.
J: Whirlwind Heat. An amazing band. Come and see them.

Cause they're on your record label right?
J: Could be. Possibly. Yeah.

I think it's really cool that you treat bands quite well. I mean, didn't Whirlwind Heat have to open for you really early once and you felt bad so you let them headline after you.
J: Man, you've done your research. Excellent. Yeah, they came out. After we were done with our set they came out and did another set.

That's so cool that you're able to support them in that way.
M: Yes indeed.

And taking Billy Childish! Is there anybody else in England you can take along with you. I mean, besides from the Detroit bands, anybody you want to throw out on your English tours.
J: Holly Golightly is great. We like to tour with other bands from Detroit. We're all friends and I think there's a lot of good music coming out of Detroit that people haven't heard yet.

Are you the only A&R guy on Virgin records?
J: (laughs) I'm not an A&R guy at all.

I heard they fired their entire staff and you, Jack White, are the only guy doing A&R for Virgin.
J: I haven't heard about that one. Maybe I should do that and give this all up.

You just came played Los Angeles, California. Now my friend Grant from The Smugglers who's house you stayed at a while back once had William Shatner show up at one of his gigs in LA. Like that's dope, eh?
J: That would be dope, yes.

Is there anybody of that ilk that has shown up that you just kinda go "Whoa, like, Shat-Mannn!"
J: Bette Midler came to our show in New York and danced to the whole show. Midler in the balcony. It was pretty cool.

Oh my God! Now how did you notice that? Did you actually see her?
J: No, we were told. I couldn't see anything because of the lights. Because of the way the lights were shining I couldn't see anything up there. But that's what we were told.

That's so awesome because she did 'The Rose' and Mudhoney covered 'The Rose' and Mudhoney got Billy Childish to open for them in England!
J: And Mudhoney was at our show last night!

Whoa-ho! This is amazing! What about Ike Turner, has he ever come to any of your gigs?
M: No, I don't think so.
J: No, Andre Williams has though. We've played with Andre Williams.

From Detroit.
J: That's right.

I think he was on the street for a little while though wasn't he?
J: He was on the street for a long time I think. He was working with Ike Turner a lot.

Now the MTV Movie Awards last night. That was incredible. We saw it last night in Canada. You guys were all dressed up and so was everybody else all dressed up. What was the vibe on that?
M: It was really good because it was all fans. They picked people all out of lines and the our website and everything else so they were all just crazy fans. And it wasn't like models or anything and so it was good.

Were you shown any respect? Like did Eminem ever talk to you or anything?
M: Um, No.

Any shout-outs? Like did anybody go "Heyyy, Jack!" Jack Black did a great intro for you. I loved it. He was, like, standing on a turntable.
J: It was nice yeah.

Did he make that turntable especially for you?
J: Yeah, he did. That was the only time he used that in the show I think. Yeah, they made it for us.

But, like, did anybody else throw out any props to you, like, "How ya doin'!"
J: I don't think so. Oh, Andy Dick said "Hi." He said he really liked the band.

So the true White Stripes fans are revealed by who actually introduces themselves to you right?
M: I suppose so.

Now there's a lot of fans out there of the White Stripes that are on the internet. Are you aware of the Red Blood Cells project?
J: I heard about it.

This is Redd Blood Cells. (Nardwuar shows them print out from http://www.reddkross.com/reddstripes/) Now what this is... this is Steven McDonald of Redd Kross and he has decided to do what Jack?
J: I met him the other night and he told me about this. He told me about this and he said that he's adding, he's playing bass along with all of our songs.

Yeah, with Hotel Yorba and some others. You go to reddkross.com to check out some bass on Hotel Yorba. What do you think about that?
J: I think it's a great idea. It's an interesting project.

He was able to fulfill his fantasies of playing with The White Stripes.
J: See the power of technology.

And another thing I was looking at. I was just checking this out. You know, people dressing up as you. I mean there's tribute bands for you guys. There's like Different...
M: Different Stripes.

Now what are Different Stripes like? They're a tribute band to you guys.
J: Supposedly it was some famous person who was doing it under an anonymous thing. He did one for the Strokes and he did one for us.

But you have cooler fans than The Strokes because there's a fan out there that does White Stryper!
J: White Stryper?

That dress as Stryper, the '80s heavy metal band, and do White Stripes songs!
J: Ohhh.

White Stryper! But these guys, what is going on here Jack? This is from the NME (Nardwuar shows a New Musical Express with a picture of some comedians dressed up as the White Stripes)
M: Oh, This is terrible.
J: This is NME's way of getting back at us for not going to their awards show.

Now these are some comedians dressing up as you.
M: Yes.
J: We didn't go to their awards so they decided not to give us our award because we didn't show up. And then they also made fun of us.

So what do you say? At the bottom of the picture they say "It remains to be seen if Jack White will react the same, because Geri Halliwell really loved it." (When the comedians dressed up as her)
J: Geri Halliwell loved it. I don't know what to tell you. I'll think about it.

Now White Stripes, Meg and Jack White of the White...
J: Stripes.

What sort of craziness has gone on? I mean, I heard that you guys were offered a private jet somewhere.
J: (groans)

Is that true? A private jet?
J: A private jet? (laughs)

Yeah, someone said "Come on my private jet?"
J: I don't think so. I don't know about that one.

None of that? Some of the crazy stuff that's been offered. I know you've been offered White Strips. White Strips.
J: Oh, they tried to buy our website. White Strips the---

---White Strips. The tooth cleaning thing. It's like the teeth cleaning thing. You put it on your teeth and then you rip it off.
J: Right.

I wanted to bring that for you but it's $60 Canadian!
M: Wow.

They wanted to buy... they wanted you to endorse White Strips?
J: I think The White Stripes website was too close to their website if you accidentally load it wrong. So they wanted to buy our website. I think that's what I was told.

And you guys said "No!"
M: Of course.
J: (laughs)

So has there been any other craziness going on? C'mon, I'm workin', I'm workin' hard here. C'mon, like, Bette Midler, White Strips, you know, jet rides, Elton John jam? I know Ryan Adams covers your tunes. I mean, like, that's kinda funny. (laughs) ---
J: (laughs)

---But , you know, tell me, any kind of craziness?
M: Constant craziness.
J: Some of the craziness we just can't reveal to you because it's too crazy.

Just a little tidbit, just a little teaser here winding up please Meg and Jack White. Just give me insight into The White Stripes. Like you check your cell phone message or something--
J: One thing I can tell is that ... Meg's an android.
M: Dammit Jack.
J: (laughs) I'm sorry. I thought you knew. If you just knew how at the end of every night we have to plug her into the tour bus, plug her in and change her oil every three months to keep this band going.

Much like Man Or Astro-Man. Where are they from?
J: [silence]

Outerspace! And you are Meg and Jack White of The White Stripes. Jack, you're gear is incredible. I should say it's so awesome that your roadies dress up as you. Like they wear red and white. I love it. Don't they use like red duct tape, too? Like you have red duct tape!
J: (laughs) We have to keep everything in order now. We have to be able to identify everything in my sight you know.

And your Leslie amp. That's really cool isn't it? The Leslie amp.
M: The peppermint triple tremelo.

Yeah, is that going to be onstage here tonight?
J: It's too heavy.
M: It weighs 500 pounds.

Can you explain a bit about that? Cause that's amazing. You customized a Leslie amp.
J: Yeah, I built it. I found three different components in the garbage. I was trash picking and I built 'em all together and made a speaker cabinet out of it. It was just a nice project to work on.

Does anybody else have an Airline guitar? Like you play an Airline right?
J: Well I bought mine from Jack of The Oblivions. Jack Oblivion is his name. He's in a band from Memphis in America.

Any other bands you've seen playing that? Or any bands got mad seeing you playing that? Like some Hollywood Guitar Center dude?
J: No, I never really see anybody else really play those. Once in awhile you'll see somebody with it.

When you guys were on David Letterman I thought it was awesome that Letterman held up the vinyl record.
M: Oh yeah, we specially asked for him to do that, yeah.

Was it hard to get him to do that?
J: It was because it had to be checked for anthrax before he held it, you know.

No way!
J: There's something crazy for ya.

Sympathy For The Record Industry is like that dangerous!?!
J: It had to be tested for anthrax before he would hold it. That's what I was told.

If there's any doubt that the White Stripes have arrived in mainstream culture it's that you guys are now on groupiecentral.com.
J: Really?

Yes, groupiecentral.com has a posting of you guys. Under the subject "White Stripes," and it goes, and I quote here Jack White, "I can say that Jack has and will be down for groupie action. I was so fortunate to experience him during one of their tours. Let's just say it happened by surprise and was well worth it."
J: [laughing]

"He is adequate in size and performance. I think he may like to be ridden, but I requested that he ride me."
J: Hmmm.

And then it goes on to say "Meg's boyfriend is in the Greenhornes."
J: This is all nuts.

You've made it! You're on groupiecentral.com. Don't worry Jack, you can go on groupiecentral.com and post some lies too, just like they did there.
J: Those are pretty good lies.

Groupiecentral.com. Are you dating somebody in the Greenhorns at all Meg?
M: I'm not going to comment on my situation.
J: (laughs)

And you're not dating Winona Ryder are you?
J: (laughs)

That's the other rumour floating around there Jack.
J: We'll see. (laughs)

Well thanks so much for your time. Really appreciate it there White Stripes. Why should people care about the White Stripes. Why should people care?
J: I don't know. (laughs) I don't know why they should care anymore.

Have you ever been to Legoland?
M: No, not yet.

Have you had any offers to go to Legoland?
J: We did have an offer to go there once and uh, we didn't go. I don't know why we didn't go. We didn't have time I don't think.

Jack and Meg White, anything else you'd like to add to the people out there?
M: Mmmm, no.
J: No, I guess not.

Well thanks so much. Keep on rockin' in the free world and doot doola doot doo...
J: Mm-hmm.

Actually, "Mm-hmm" works.
J + M: (laughing)

But that's so like obscure we'll have you do it again there. Doot doola doot doo...
M: Doot doo. No? I don't know. I just...
J: I don't know what you mean. (lalaughs) That's fine. That'll be fine. That'll be $5 please.